The Smoking Gun- for food and coctails

The Smoking Gun™

The perfect addition to your kitchen or bar

The Smoking Gun™ is a handheld food smoker. Finish quickly foods with natural cool smoke that you would usually not be able to smoke: butter, oysters, cocktails, salads, chocolate, meringue, etc.

Create classic flavors with Sous Vide Australia wood chips, such as hickory, applewood, mesquite and cherry, or expand your culinary creativity by smoking with flavors like teas, spices, and dried flowers.

 Sous Vide Australia Smoking wood chips for the Smoking Gun

Available in Hickory, Mesquite, Cherrywood, Applewood, Maple, Alder, Pecan,
Australian hardwood messamate, European beech, Redgum and Bourbon infused oak.

 SVA wood chips for the smoking gun

 The Smoking Gun

  • One-piece, removable anodized aluminum smoking chamber
  • Heavy-duty metal blower fan – will not melt when heated
  • Efficient, low-noise motor
  • Excellent for finishing products that are cooked SousVide or other methods where food is not normally directly exposed to fire or smoke
  • Runs on 4 AA batteries (included)

Includes two 1/2oz sample jars of PolyScience
Hickory and Applewood Smoking Sawdust

User tips and recipes for the Smoking Gun!

To provide smoke flavor and aroma for meats, fish fruits, or vegetables after cooking, simply place the food in a covered container and inject smoke. Probably most practical is a casserole dish with plastic wrap, stockpot, or zip lock bags.

To enhance the presentation of a finished dish, add a hint of smoke under a domed plate cover. It will provide the diner with an immediate sense of pleasure and anticipation when the dish is uncovered.

For best results, always pat foods dry with a clean cloth or paper towel before “smoking”. This helps smoky flavors adhere to the food surface.

You may find it easier to inject smoke under pot/pan lids and covers by placing the Smoking Gun on the supplied stand and using the flexible tubing (also supplied) to direct the smoke where needed. this will leave one hand free to lift the lid/cover.

2-3 minutes under smoke is generally all that is needed to infuse foods with a smoky flavor and aroma. When using the Smoking Gun with a covered receptacle, simply inject the smoke under the lid and let stand for a few minutes. Continous smoking with the Smoking Gun is NOT required.

Hickory chips impart a pungent, smoky bacon-like flavor that goes particularly well with pork (ham, ribs, etc.)

Mesquite chips are good for smoking most meats (particularly beef) and vegetables. They impart a strong earthy flavor.

Apple and cherry woods work well with poultry, game birds and pork. These woods provide a slightly sweet but denser, fruity smoke flavor.

Smoking with the PolyScience Smoking GunThe Smoking Gun in action, smoked cocktails

How to clean your smoking gun