The Sonicprep™ Ultrasonic Homogenizer

The Sonicprep™ offers a wide range of techniques, such as extraction, infusion, homogenization, emulsification, suspension, degassing and rapid barrel-aging.

The Sonicprep™, an ultrasonic processor, allows to create very homogeneous textures, stable suspensions, extract and infuse flavors without applying heat to the food. It is extremely fast and provides most intense flavors and colors compared to alternative methods.

The advantage of the Sonicprep™:

SonicPrep by Poly Science

Image courtesy of Seattle Food Geek

Since it applies insignificant amount of heat and can finish the process in less than 2-3 minutes, it maintains vivid flavor and aroma, causes no loss of nutrition, maintains bright colors of ingredients and creates a rounder and smoother flavor. Because of short processing times, it provides maximum flexibility for chefs.

The system is comprised of 4 major components: generator, converter, probe and sound box. Through the probe, it applies 20,000 cycles of high-frequency ultrasonic waves. In liquid, the probe tip releases rapid vibrations that cause expansion and collapsing of microscopic bubbles.

 The PolyScience Sonic Prep – Eddie Shepherd


Features included with the Sonicprep™:

  • Ultrasonic processor with 400 Watt
  • Power output control to match power to the application
  • Continuous or timed (0-15 minutes) operation
  • Pulsed mode to minimize heat generation
  • Broad process range from 1 ml to over 500 ml per sample
  • Power output meter to monitor power and permit reproducability
  • Includes a high-efficiency converter which requires no internal cooling
  • Supplied with a standard 1/2″ titanium probe
  • Supplied with a sound box with transparent door to reduce high noise level


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