Sous Vide Professional – Classic Plus Thermal Circulator

The full-featured PolyScience – Sous Vide Professional – Classic Plus programmable controller, combined microprocessor PID control assures high accuracy and stability.

The Programmable Controller features a multi-language graphic display and time/temperature programming. Ten programs can be stored in the controller’s memory; each can have up to fifty steps and can be cycled up to 999 times. An RS232 interface and remote probe capability are standard. The included software supports LabView™ drivers and Excel® macros to offer even greater programming and data logging convenience.

The Classic Plus is mounted on a 48 litre stainless steel tank with a large front mounted drain for ease of cleaning.

Classic Plus 45 liter Intergrated water bath specifications

Up to 20 Liter/Minute Pumping Pressure
Control at Temperatures Up to 200°C
Integral Temperature and Low-Liquid Level Protection
Time / Temperature Programmability
Controllable Though RS-232 Interface
RS-232 Cable Supplied
Remote Probe Capability – optional external probe

Key Specifications

Working Temperature: Ambient +5° to 200°C
Temperature Stability: ±0.01°C
Safety Rating: DIN 12876-1 Class I (for use with non-flammable liquids)
Pump: Variable-speed

  • Programmable temperature controller with time/temperature programming capability (stores up to ten 50-step programs)
  • Multi-language graphic display (English, Spanish, French, German)
  • Strong pressure/suction pump with variable speed control
  • RS232 interface with cable for HACCP data logging
  • Remote temperature control capability (optional probe required)
  • Included software supports LabVIEW™ drivers and Excel© macro offers even greater programming and datalogging convenience
  • Integral over-temperature and low-liquid level protection

 Performance Specifications 

Power                                                                         240v/50Hz

Temperature Range                Ambient +5 degrees to 200 degrees Celsius

Temperature Stability                        +/-0.01 degrees Celsius

Pump                                           Variable-Speed (Pressure/Suction)

Pumping Flow                                                        20 lpm

Heater                                                                    2200 watts

External Dimensions (L x W x H)    78.7 x 43 x 40.4 cm

Internal Dimensions (L x W x D)     45.7 x 40.6 x 20.3 cm

Classic Plus series on 48 litre tank

Classic Plus series on 48 litre tank