MyCook Professional 1.8

Sous Vide Australia is now the official Australian distributor of MyCook Professional 1.8. MyCook is a 2 litre blender with timer control and induction cooking to 120ºC. Induction blenders are quickly becoming the standard in commercial kitchens. Stay at the cutting edge of kitchen technology with Sous Vide Australia and the MyCook.

MyCook Professional 1.8 comes with 2 complete bowls as standard, butterfly and spatula.

With countless processing and cooking functions the MyCook 1.8 is the substitute of many apparels and tools, is a space-saver and a must in every professional kitchen. The best investment to reduce your costs MyCook 1.8 delivers significant savings in time and reduces the associated costs in many daily processes.

The one cooking machine that can do so many kitchen tasks

Wake up your creativity and open new possibilities in your daily menu. The Mycook Professional 1.8 can mix, grind, cook, emulsify, process, blend, knead and powder. The induction technology and triple walled bowl give consistent heat for soups, sauces, purees, glazes, tempering, proving, and so much more. The commercial 800 watt motor can gently stir at 100 RPM or turn sugar into icing sugar at 11500 RPM. 2 bowls come as standard plus a DVD full of recipes. Revolutionize your kitchen with the Mycook Professional 1.8 today.

MyCook Professional 1.8


MyCook 1.8 includes a very intuitive display for easy and safe use. Stainless steel cover for long lasting life. Ergonomically designed with a tilted display for easy veiwing.

1000W powerful induction technology



spreads the heat of up to 120ºC uniformly over the lower part of the bowl

cooking faster and more efficiently than other units.

MyCook lidMyCook BowlMyCook BladesMyCook Butterfly and Spatula

MyCook Stats

2 by 2 Litre bowls

Total power: 1800 watt

Heating: 1000 watt induction

Engine: 800 watt

R.P.M: From 100 to 11,500

Speeds: 10+ turbo speed

Heating System: Induction

Temperature range: 40ºC – 120ºC

Timer:0-90 minutes

Special Functions: Knead

Special Function: Slow cooking

Cookbook on DVD included

Manufactured by the Taurus group in the EU

mycook Back viewMycook top view