A cookbook – At home with sous vide

At home with sous vide is the first cookbook from Dale Prentice. Dale takes what has traditionally been the realm of fine dining chefs and presents it in a clear simple format that is easily achievable by the home cook with full color images of every recipe. This book is ground breaking in bridging the secrets of some of the worlds best chefs to a format achievable at home. A must have addition to you cookbook collection.

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Sous Vide: A New Approach to Cooking
Our new cookbook, At Home with Sous Vide celebrates the gentle art of low-temperature cooking. Discover the way an exact approach to cooking can transform food, and the incredible flavour and texture that can be achieved when cooking meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and even fruit sous vide. Director of Sous Vide Australia, teacher and chef, Dale Prentice provides 74 easy-to-follow recipes, including 37 dishes from some of the world’s most renowned chefs, restaurants and sous vide enthusiasts. Each recipe is beautifully photographed and broken down into step-by-step components. From simple salads to easy dinner recipes for beginners to more elaborate dishes for the confident cook, At Home with Sous Vide takes this amazing new style of cooking out of the restaurant world and into the home.

Clockwise from top: Confit Garlic, Moroccan Carrot Salad, Kipfler Potato Salad with Seeded Mustard Dressing, and Pickled Quince.

Sous Vide Vegetables

Sous Vide vegetables

Recipe List
Son-in-law Eggs
Scrambled Eggs on Toast with Crisp Pancetta and Confit Tomatoes
Slow-cooked Duck Egg Yolk with Creamed Spinach and Dukkah
Garlic Flan with Exotic Mushrooms
Crème Caramel
Baileys Irish Cream Cheesecake with Hazelnuts
Chai Ice Cream, Brandy Snap and Apple
Pain Perdu, Spiced Ricotta and Poached Rhubarb
Poultry & Game
Chicken Ballotine with Spring Vegetables and Green Pea Mousse
Barbecued Chicken with Moroccan Spices
Poussin Two Ways with Coriander Yoghurt
Squab with Foie Gras and Truffles
Chicken and Pistachio Terrine
Confit Turkey Wings
Cooking Geese
Spiced Chicken Breast with Miso Mayonnaise, Kombu Crumb and Pickled Radishes
Quail, Confit Duck and Foie Gras Terrine with Pistachio Soil, Ruby Beets and Goat’s Cheese
Pademelon, Pumpkin and Smoked Bone Marrow
The Perfect Steak
Hot and Sour Beef Salad with Roasted Rice
Braised Short Ribs with Red Wine Glaze
Blackmore Wagyu Strip Loin
Spiced Intercostals with Jerusalem Artichokes, Potato Butter
Soy-braised Brisket Sandwich
Corned Silverside
Japanese Lamb Shoulder with Pea and Wasabi
Cordero a la Vainilla (Slow-cooked Lamb Breast with Vanilla and Almond Milk)
Spring Lamb with Slow-roasted Tomato Sauce
Pork Belly with Milk, Truffle Purée and Salsify
Milanese Lamb Shanks with Cauliflower
Spicy Tamarind Lamb Ribs

Spiced Lamb Rump with Peppered Rosemary Oil
Slow-cooked Pork Neck, Cuttlefish and Cabbage Salad with Tonkotsu Sauce
Pork Rib-eye Roast with Sautéed Cabbage and Apple Soubise
St. Louis Ribs
All-belly Porchetta
The Bun Mobile’s Pork Belly
Carnitas Pork and Corn Tortillas
Cotechino with Bitter Greens and Relish
Pork Tongue and Tuna with Pork Fat Curd
Pig Tail Croquettes with Aioli
Slow-poached Blue-eye Cod with Miso Marinade and Cucumber Water
Soft-cured Salmon with Fresh Fennel and Smoked Yoghurt
Cod Terrine with Smoked Mashed Potatoes, Red Capsicum Oil and Pickled Mushrooms
Coral Trout with Potato Scales
Fennel, Lime and Sumac Prawns with Russian Salad
Baby Squid with Crisp Confit Duck Neck
Snapper with Toasted Walnut Crumble and Yoghurt Relish
Smoked Diver Scallops
Millefeuille of Calamari and Salmon
Antipasto of Octopus and Artichokes
Fruit & Vegetables
Salad of Pickled Baby Beetroot, Crispy Quinoa and Manchego Custard
Compressed Honey Pineapple with Whipped Ham, Pickled Curry Tapioca and Chilli Oil
Carrot Cake Starter
Mushroom Bird’s Nest
Spicy Syrian Eggplant with Labneh
Kipfler Potato Salad with Seeded Mustard Dressing
Braised Shallots with Golden Raisins
Moroccan Carrot Salad
Peach Schnapps and Strawberry-infused Watermelon with Black Peppercorn Sorbet
Apples and Rhubarb with Anzac Biscuit Ice Cream
Thyme-poached Apricots with Sticky Orange Cake
Pears in White Wine with Chocolate and Sponge
Poached Blood Plum Merengada
Beetroot Relish
Confit Garlic
Stocks and Jus
Pickled Quince
Instant Raspberry,
Chilli and Thyme Vinegar

Pears in White wine with chocolate

Pears in White wine with chocolate and sponge

Dale Prentice trained as a chef in Melbourne, Australia, having worked in many venues in his 17 years at the pass. In his last role as executive chef at Stones of the Yarra Valley, he shared his kitchen with many renowned chefs—including Greg Malouf, Philippe Mouchel, Frank Camorra, George Calombaris and Riccardo Momesso. It was at Stones of the Yarra Valley that he first implemented sous vide cooking as a way of expanding the existing kitchen. After only a short period, Dale became obsessed with sous vide and the benefits it brought to a commercial kitchen. Sous Vide Australia grew out of this passion and a need to share these amazing benefits with everyone he knew. Since 2009, Sous Vide Australia has grown rapidly
and Dale is often asked to give lectures and training in sous vide cooking and equipment all over Australia.

Recipe contributions by:

Shannon Bennett, Melbourne
James Blight, Melbourne
Madalene Bonvini-Hamel, London
Marsha Busse, Melbourne
Raymond Capaldi, Melbourne
Ryan Clift, Singapore
Roberto Cortez, Washington
Stefan Cosser, London
Kerby Craig, Sydney
Dallas Cuddy, Singapore
Patrick Dang, China
Andrew Dargue, London
George Diamond, Sydney
Adam Draper and Emma
D’Alessandro, Melbourne
Wylie Dufresne, New York
Mark Ebbels, Singapore
Brad Farmerie, New York
Harold Fleming, Brisbane
Anthony Fullerton, Brisbane
Florent Gerardin, Melbourne
Bruno Goussault, USA
Jarrod Hudson, Melbourne
Jason Logsdon, Connecticut
J. Kenji López-Alt, New York
Christine Manfield, Sydney
Garen Maskal, Melbourne
Philippe Mouchel, Melbourne
Nathan Myhrvold , Washington
Spencer Patrick, Port Douglas
Darren Purchese, Melbourne
Tom Randolph, Perth
David Roberts, Melbourne
Michael Ryan, Beechworth
Wayne Smith, Tasmania
Joe Strybel, Illinois
Pablo Tordesillas, Brisbane

 At home with sous vide

Available on line at Homesousvide.com.au

E-Gullet Thread review

Best Cookbooks for Sous Vide/LTLT Cooking

 Posted by nickrey on Yesterday, 11:13 AM

Dale’s book is out.

The link for it is here. It is A$69.95. The book is hardcover, 223 pages and covers sous vide cooking from basics up to some quite advanced restaurant dishes.

After an introductory chapter on cooking with sous vide, he covers cooking of five different classes of food: eggs, poultry & game, meat, fish, and fruit & vegetables.

From my experience, the times and temperatures given are appropriate and well within accepted safety guidelines.

The basics are covered well and recipes are clear and concise. They are accompanied by pictures showing plating of the dishes.

Dale is a trained and very experienced chef who moved into selling sous vide equipment after adopting it in his own kitchen many years ago.

He has sourced recipes from 36 other chefs as well as presenting his own take on a number of dishes.

This is possibly the first book to bridge the gap between a simple presentation of sous vide cooking (eg. Douglas Baldwin and Jason Lodgson’s books) and the restaurant books that can verge into the complex. He does it well and the involvement of a range of chefs allows you to see their different approaches to using this cooking medium.

I enjoyed browsing through the book and will use a number of techniques from the book in my own cooking.