Stunningly French – Beef bourguignonne

Beef bourguignonne is a French classic.  Cooked sous vide this dish can be prepared a head of time and finished at the last minute with the flexibility to modify the dish to fit dietary requirements.

The Recipe

Trim an MSA beef bolar blade in to steaks then marinade them in red wine, parsley stalks, thyme, bay and pepper corns for 12 hours.  Drain the beef and vacuum pack with a touch of seasoning and olive oil.  Cook in a water bath using a Polyscience immersion circulator at 60C for 12 hours.  Reduce the strained wine from the marinade then add 500 mls of veal sauce and reduce to a coating consistency.

Trim and vacuum pack the mushrooms with a nob of butter, thyme and seasoning.  Cook at 60C for 30 minutes.

Clean some shallots and vacuum seal with olive oil and seasoning, cook at 60C for 30 minutes.

To plate melt some butter in a pan add the beef and brown gently on all sides, add some cubed bacon, the shallots, the mushroom and then some of the finished sauce to glaze.

Place a bed of pommes puree on the plate for the beef and garnish with the shallots, bacon and mushrooms.