Slow cooked beef cheek on cauliflower puree with sous vide organic baby vegetables

Cooking beef cheeks in this manner leaves them a little pink inside with good texture yet meltingly tender.  Organic vegetables were sourced from Yarra Valley Gourmet Greenhouse.

Clean the beef cheeks of all external fat and sinew.  Seal the cheeks in a hot pan season as you go.  Then chill the cheeks to 3C.  Vacuum pack with a dessert spoon of finished veal jus and cook in a water bath at 68C for eight hours.  When cooked remove from the bag and seal in a hot pan and correct  seasoning, keep warm.

Wash, trim and clean the baby vegetables and vacuum pack each vegetable with some EEVO and a pinch of salt.  Cook the vegetables at 85C till tender.

To plate spoon some cauliflower puree on the plate, top with a beef cheek sliced and a spoon of veal jus.  Toss the baby vegetables in a hot pan with a little butter and use to garnish.


If you have cooked beef cheek left the meat can be thinly slice across the grain when cold and used in stir fry.