Pickled and apple wood smoked lambs tongue, hazelnuts and dehydrated Spanish onion with salsa verde and a salad of pickled raddish and scallion.

Sous vide cooking can transform some very obscure food items in to delicacies.  The is a delicious example.

For the tongue

Soak the lambs tongues in cold water over night then drain.

Make a pickling brine of 10% salt, 3% sugar to 200 mls water, 100 mls white wine vinegar and 100 mls white wine.  Add pickling spices, mustard seeds, clove, black pepper, bay and thyme, then bring to a high simmer and allow to cool to room temperature.  Drain the tongues and vacuum pack them with the pickling mix for three days.

After three days drain and wash the tongues, then vacuum pack them on high and cook in a water bath at 70C for 24 hrs using an immersion circulator.  When the tongues are cooked peel off the skin and slice them in to thin slices.

To serve toss the tongue with some toasted hazelnuts, olive oil and season.  Arrange in a ball on the plate under a glass and use the Polyscience smoking gun to fill the glass with apple wood smoke.

Smear salsa verde to one side of the glass sprinkle with chopped toasted hazelnuts and a salad of radishes and scallions that have been vacuum packed with a teaspoon of the pickling mix from above then cooked in a water bath for 30 min at 65C, baby beet leaves, baby rocket and organic edible flowers dressed in a hazelnut oil and white wine vinaigrette.