Sous Vide BBQ chicken skewers

At the Fine Food Australia 2012 trade show we had a group of Asian chefs that ran two high volume food court restaurants stop past and have a chat about how sous vide might help them speed up turning over those delicious glazed chicken skewers.  They were already vacuum packaging the skewers when the were made to accelerate the infusion of the marinade.  One hour at 70°C in the 28 litre Cambro powered by the ever so accurate Sous Vide Professional – Classic series by Polyscience and their chicken skewers are precooked deliciously tender and ready to power through over the hot yukatori grill and bliss.

We cooked this recipe from the CSIRO cook book and it came out tender and very flavorsome.

The marinade

1 Clove garlic crushed
¼ cup Lemon juice
1 Green chilli, seeded and very finely diced
½ cup of butter milk

400 gm Chicken thigh fillet cut in to cubes

Threaded the chicken on to the skewers and packed them with all the marinade and sealed them in a single layer in a large vacuum pouch.

Marinated chicken skewers

Marinated chicken skewers

In to the water bath for thirty minutes to an hour and a half at 70°C. then straight on to the BBQ.

On the BBQ we just let them color nicely, it only took a few minutes knowing that the chicken was fully cooked through.

Then straight to the plate.

BBQ Chicken skewers sous vide

BBQ Chicken skewers sous vide