Chicken and Pistachio ballottine

Hot or cold this is the best method for sous vide cooking the white and grey meat of a chicken together.  The leg meat lends moisture to the breast meat at the higher temperature and the salt holds it all together.

Chicken and Pistachio ballottine

This ballottine can be rolled as a whole chicken or as two smaller ones.

1   Whole chicken
50 gm  Pistachio’s blanched and skinned
5 gm     Thyme, leaves only
5 gm     Basil, leaves only torn
6            Garlic cloves, confit in oil
Lemon zest

Skin the chicken starting at the back being careful to remove the skin in one piece.  Remove all of the meat from the chicken and cut in to strips. The thigh meat is best if cut across the grain.

Weigh the meat and add 1% of its weight in salt, add all other ingredients and massage them into the meat.  Allow the mix to rest for an hour letting the flavours develop.

In the mean time make a white stock from the bones.  Pass it and then chill it.

Lay a piece of commercial glad wrap on the bench and spread out the chicken skin.  Season the skin with salt and pepper, then carefully form the meat mix into a cylinder shape on the skin.  Wrap the skin over the filling then roll in the glad wrap to form a bonbon, twisting the ends tightly.

Slip the wrapped terrine into a vac bag with a bay leaf and 125 ml of the chilled chicken stock.  Seal on medium high using the liquids plate for vac machine.

Cook for three hours at 68ºC in an Instanta water bath then cool rapidly in an ice slurry or blast chiller.

Serve cold