Cooking Sous Vide

Sous vide cookery is not hard or only for the realm of the professional cook.  With a little reading everyone can enjoy the benifits of sous vide cookery.  In this section of the website I have started a collection of recipes devoted to giving everyone the right tools to begin the sous vide journey with the confidence to succeed.

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Sous Vide: A New Approach to Cooking

Our cookbook At Home with Sous Vide celebrates the gentle art of low-temperature cooking. Discover the way an exact approach to cooking can transform food, and the incredible flavour and texture that can be achieved when cooking meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and even fruit sous vide.
Director of Sous Vide Australia, teacher and chef, Dale Prentice provides 74 easy-to-follow recipes, including 37 dishes from some of the world’s most renowned chefs, restaurants and sous vide enthusiasts. Each recipe is beautifully photographed and broken down into step-by-step components.
From simple salads to easy dinner recipes for beginners to more elaborate dishes for the confident cook, At Home with Sous Vide takes this amazing new style of cooking out of the restaurant world and into the home.

Sous Vide vegetables

Sous Vide vegetables

Sous vide cooking is quick, clean and simple in its preparation and application, although it can take from an hour to several days to complete the cooking process. We guides you through basic recipes for the beginner to recipes from some of the world’s top chefs.

Trained as a chef in Melbourne, Australia, I have worked in many venues in 17 years at the pass. In my last role as executive chef at Stones of the Yarra Valley, I shared my kitchen with many renowned chefs— including Greg Malouf, Philippe Mouchel, Frank Camorra, George Calombaris and Riccardo Momesso. It was at Stones of the Yarra Valley that I first implemented sous vide cooking as a way of expanding the existing kitchen. After only a short period, I became obsessed with sous vide and the benefits it brought to a commercial kitchen. Sous Vide Australia grew out of this passion and a need to share these amazing benefits with everyone I knew. Since 2009, Sous Vide Australia has grown rapidly and I am often asked to give lectures and training in sous vide cooking and equipment all over Australia. Over our time promoting sous vide to the chefs and home cooks of Australia there have been a few difficulties to overcome. The first has been confidence, as cooking sous vide is a relatively new way of thinking and requires the cook to change the way they prepare food. The second and largest barrier to sous vide cooking is the worry that the plastic in the vacuum pouches creates more waste than ordinary methods. For the most part, this concern fails to acknowledge the amount of plastic already used to wrap and cover food during current standard practices. Although it does require the use of plastic pouches, sous vide cooking is the most energy efficient of any method of modern cookery. We have worked tirelessly to produce these recipes. I hope that they become an
invaluable edition to your collection and that you enjoy every mouthful along the way as much as I have.

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