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We are starting to get some feed back on or cookbook, At home with sous vide.

Tried a few and very happy with everything so far. Love the book, congratulations, and thanks, well done.
Alan Woods 

Mike Emmett Moroccan carrots and the beetroot relish are a staple. 
The roast chicken is amazing. The dashi lamb is amazeballs

Chicken terrine by TrissaliciousOn the shoot


Get your copy know At home with sous vide

A sensible approach to cooking

with big pictures and good advice.

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Best Cookbooks for Sous Vide/LTLT Cooking

 Posted by nickrey on Yesterday, 11:13 AM

Dale’s book is out.

The link for it is here. It is A$69.95. The book is hardcover, 223 pages and covers sous vide cooking from basics up to some quite advanced restaurant dishes.

After an introductory chapter on cooking with sous vide, he covers cooking of five different classes of food: eggs, poultry & game, meat, fish, and fruit & vegetables.

From my experience, the times and temperatures given are appropriate and well within accepted safety guidelines.

The basics are covered well and recipes are clear and concise. They are accompanied by pictures showing plating of the dishes.

Dale is a trained and very experienced chef who moved into selling sous vide equipment after adopting it in his own kitchen many years ago.

He has sourced recipes from 36 other chefs as well as presenting his own take on a number of dishes.

This is possibly the first book to bridge the gap between a simple presentation of sous vide cooking (eg. Douglas Baldwin and Jason Lodgson’s books) and the restaurant books that can verge into the complex. He does it well and the involvement of a range of chefs allows you to see their different approaches to using this cooking medium.

I enjoyed browsing through the book and will use a number of techniques from the book in my own cooking.



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