Taking the next step to sous vide accuracy

Sous vide is all about accurate temperature cooking. 

With delicate items that have a short cooking time, how do we know when the core temperature is reached and when to start the cooking time?  The initial temperate of the food, the drop in temperate of the cooking water, its recovery to set temperature and the thickness of the food item all effect how long any given item will take to reach a set core temperature.

Larger slow cook items over come this concern for accurate core temperature by the length of cooking time. 

In these smaller more delicate items using a hypodermic probe thermometer to follow the internal temperature is the only way to go.  A small square of closed cell foam tape is stuck to the side of the vacuum pack to be cooked, then a specially designed hypodermic probe thermometer can be inserted through the tape into the core of the food without effecting the vacuum.  By using a fully autoclaveable probe, the probe can stay submerged with the food item for the whole cooking process.

Why do we care so much about the core temperature?  Sous vide cooking at its best is about accurately cooking food in a way that was not before possible and to achieve new and exciting textural experiences.   This accuracy can only be achieved when the cook knows exactly what is going on at any given time.

Sous Vide Australia has just sourced a new range of thermometers, data loggers and hypodermic probes specially designed for sous vide applications.  I have carefully selected thermometers that over come many of the frustrations that sous vide cooks commonly have with general off the shelf products.  Both the HH801A and the HH802U can disable the auto shut off feature for longer periods of monitoring and hi/low temperatures can be recorded for each monitored period.  They also have a clip out bench stand and back lit display so that they can be easily read from a distance.

The HH802U data logger also comes with a USB cable and windows software to down load constant tracking to a computer.  This can be used for both health and safety records or monitoring HACCP.


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  1. Ian Ware says:

    Hi we are interested in your data logger for our sous vide work.
    can you forward some information on the product. We would be looking to use this during our process and then download onto a pc. Can you please provide information on the logger and any equipment or software we would require.
    regards Ian

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