Sous Vide – The 13th method of cookery

Sous vide cooking opens up some of the world’s greatest chef’s secrets to their amazing cuisine!

Sous vide or low temperature cookery is the most exacting method to produce consistently tasty results every time you cook.  The home cook and commercial chef can both easily create amazing results.  Low temperature cookery retains more flavor, nutrients and texture in many traditionally harder to cook meats and vegetables with very little fuss and no mess.  Vacuum sealing food items ready to cook in a water bath allows the chef to cook, refrigerate or freeze the item without handling the food.  All food remains hygienically sealed in user friendly portions reducing handling and waste.

Start cooking sous vide today, contact Dale Prentice at Sous Vide Australia 0428 623 295.

Home sous vide by Polyscience

Sous Vide for your Home – Polyscience Creative

Chef series by Polyscience

Sous vide for the restaurant – Polyscience Chef Series

Henkelman Boxer 52

Commercial vacuum packaging Henkelman Boxer 52

New - Creative home sous vide

Polyscience immersion circulators Henkelman vacuum packaging

Sous Vide Australia’s first sous vide cookbook, At home with sous vide, available now.

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At home with sous vide

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Whether you live alone and want to create precooked portioned meals, or live a fast paced family life needing easy ready to go delicious meals at a moment’s notice, or if you want to cook like a Master Chef, sous vide cooking has something to offer you. You will find an ever growing recipe guide and useful links here and my blog here. Sous Vide Australia is the exclusive importer of Instanta sleek, modern and extremely accurate sous vide water bath and the official distributor of Polyscience Sous Vide Professional Immersion circulators . Sous Vide Australia supplies Polyscience immersion circulators, Henkelman vacuum system, vacuum pouches, sous vide accessories, training and menu development.

All new MyCook Professional 1.8

Blend, cook, mill, chop, crush, process, emulsify, whip, kneed, braise, this is the one kitchen tool that really does replace all other blenders and food processors with the added power to cook. As suitable in the production kitchen as it is elegant on your kitchen bench, once you have used a MyCook you will not be able go back. The MyCook Professional has a powerful commercial drive motor and true induction heating for speed and power. A truly commercial unit with 2 complete bowls as standard.

MyCook Professional 1.8

New sous vide toolbox

New Sous Vide Toolbox

New from Polyscience the “Sous Vide Toolbox” iPhone and iPad app available at iTunes store


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